Small Start: Big Finish

Written by RD, LD, MS, CDE Monica Joyce: So Susan , my coworker who’s weight loss efforts we have been following has had some challenges the past 2 weeks. her son had to have leg surgery and is now recovering at home and beginning physical therapy.

Though she did some extra walking her regular visits to the gym were put on hold. Las t night she made it back and reports feeling good about going and feeling even better with the workout. Exercise seems to have helped with the recent stress and schedule challenges. But the good news it that despite some extra calories that she thinks are directly related to losing focus and stress and no trips to the gym she managed to hold her weight.

We consider that a huge success. When the going gets tough maintaining a weight loss can be more difficult than losing.

Today is a fresh start that includes calorie counting with a goal of around 1500 calories and incorporating the gym this week when possible.

Stay tuned.