In a world where information is always at our disposal, sorting through the facts, myths, and fads can be a challenge. This is especially true in respect to nutrition. In Too Busy to Diet, King and Joyce serve as our guides, providing us with accurate and meaningful nutritional information. A wealth of topics is addressed, ranging from nutrients and superfoods, to how readers can support a healthy lifestyle while traveling or working. Coverage is not only extensive, but also comprehensive and well organized, making for an enjoyable read. All readers, whatever their current lifestyle, would benefit from reading this book.
Sue Rose, MS, RD
Private Practice Nutritionist, Park Ridge, IL

The thing I loved best about Too Busy to Diet is the ability to read the chapters that are most meaningful to the reader. A fabulous reference with just the right amount of information on so many nutrition topics! I can’t wait to purchase a copy and share this with family, friends, colleagues and patients.
Pauline Lowkis, RD, CDE

The book is excellent! It is remarkably well written, easy to understand, unpretentious, consistently interesting and easy to follow. It is exactly what someone who is trying to live a healthier lifestyle needs.
Jon Eastty