Baaaaaaddddd to the Bone: Written by Madeline Engelking, dietetic student at Miami University of Ohio

 Baaaaaaddddd to the Bone

Written by Madeline Engelking, dietetic student at Miami University of Ohio


You may have already stumbled across a few articles of this trending fad of bone broth, and skipped over it-I get it. The term bone broth is a little scary and would turn me away too; however bone broth reaps amazing benefits that you definitely need to know and start incorporating into your diet.

It is easy to confuse bone broth with stock but there are differences that set them apart. Since the bones in bone broth are cooked for a long period of time, this causes gelatin and collagen to be released and results in a thicker consistency than broth. These compounds that make up gelatin formed are ideal for healing a gut. And what else have you learned what heals a leaky gut….? Yupp that’s right, I knew you were thinking fermented foods!! Bone broth helps create an ideal environment for stomach-acid production and can also reduce inflammation. Without enough stomach acid, we can’t properly break down food and we are higher risks for bacterial and viral infections.

Enough with the gut chatter and lets talk about the rest of your body that benefits from bone broth. Let me first warn you that your joints causing you pain are their way of screaming at you to drink this good stuff. The vitamins and minerals in bone broth can help with your bones and teeth. Makes sense, drinking “bones,” helps your bones ☺ If you don’t eat dairy, bone broth is a great alternative to get adequate amounts of calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. Saving the best for last, you know all those collagen containing facial products you spend a fortune on?? Well start saving up and drinking up bone broth that contains loads of natural collagen. You will notice a difference in your nails and hair as well.

Once you’ve (hopefully) been convinced to start drinking up bone broth, take note to these suggestions:

1) It is most beneficial to drink it right before or with meals to facilitate digestion.

2) Sneak it into your sauces or simply drink a hot cup of it to satisfy any cravings.

3) Since homemade bone broth takes time, it it is okay to freeze when you make a big batch. Many people make little bone broth ice cubes.

4) Suffering from a cold this week? Boost your immune system with the high concentration of minerals.

So, jump on the bandwagon with the rest of us and start making your own bone broth!! If the popular kids are doing it, that means you should too.





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