10 Healthy Snacks for on the Go

Written By Sarah Pennington, Dietetic Student at Miami University 

With fall finally here, and the school year starting to pick up, it’s important to eat a healthy and large breakfast to start the metabolism for the day. However, it’s also important to pack snacks throughout the day to maintain hunger levels. When you get hungry it becIMG_2214omes difficult to focus on tasks, and can become extremely distracting (especially when you’re stomach is growling in class). Carrying around a lunchbox for snacks isn’t ideal, so I’ve created a list of easy snacks that can be thrown in a backpack, purse and taken anywhere throughout the day. A few healthy snack ideas that don’t require refrigeration or an ice pack includes:
1. An apple with peanut butter
2. ¼ cup of nuts
3. Small bag of popcorn
4. Banana
5. Trail mix
6. Roasted chickpeas
7. Homemade banana chocolate chip muffins, recipe found here
8. Powerballs, recipe found here
9. Rice cake with nutbutter, coconut flakes, and cranberries
10. Orange with a tablespoon of dark chocolate chips